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Dig our Name Collars,
Leashes, Quick-Dry Harnesses.

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Fashion Fits

Shirts, Tees, Sweaters, Jackets n' more

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Party Perfect

Cutest Bow Ties and Bandanas. No party poopers, only party puppers allowed!

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Sleepy Heads

Washable Dog Beds, Comfy Mats and more.

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Hoomans who really dig us!


Furry parents lookin' for a raincoat, trust me – get it from Mutt of Course! Fits like a dream and is so easy to get on and off.

Jojo's Mom

Nauheed Cyrusi


A lot of people were asking me where I got my doggo's max adorbs cardie from, it's from @muttofcourse.

Chaabi's mom

Angel Bedi


That Red Coloured Ghingham bowtie from Mutt of Course that Roopak Saluja got for Tia is really the icing on the cake.

Tia's Mom

Tara Sharma


Bisckoo loves his Eggs N' Bacon Collar, Denim Harness, Customized bed (charging station). I'm yet to pay MOC for all these.

Bisckoo's Pet

Akshar Pathak


Arre this is my brand, why are your taking my testimonial? Instead, show someone influential so people get convinced.

Coco & Magic's Dad

Pranav Sapra

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