Dog Raincoats and More!

Putting together everything your dog needs for walks in the rain. Starting with 100% waterproof raincoats for dog. These are rain coats that are adjustable in size around the neck and girth. Guess what? These dog raincoats come with a hoodie too! Wait wait, there's more – there's a leash gap for your dog's walking gear and also a free waterproof storage pouch that comes with it. What's not to like?

Next up is our range of harnesses, collars and leashes that are quick to dry – go for a walk and by the time it's walk time again, they're ready and waiting for your furry friend. Why you ask? Well, these are made with a special soft fabric safe for dogs that is actually meant for scuba diving (believe it or not). As walking gear for dogs big or small, this fabric allows for your dog to breathe with ease.