How to Choose the Best Dog Bed?

How to Choose the Best Dog Bed?

We get it. Your dog is a member of your family, and you want to make sure they have a perfectly comfortable place to sleep. 

Did you know that some dogs sleep approximately 14 hours every day! If you want to get the best dog bed but don't know much about what your pup really wants when it comes to dog beds, you've come to the right place.

A good dog bed will help your dog stay warm, cozy and comfortable. Pick the wrong bed (which may look economically extremely attractive at that time) and you're basically investing in something your dog won't use for too long. Pick the right one and you have a well rested and a happy dog.

When choosing a dog bed, here are 4 main things you'll want to consider:

  1. Size: The dog bed should be large enough for your dog to stretch out on it comfortably. You can measure your dog from nose to tail to get the right size bed. Some lounger beds (like on our website *wink* *wink*) also have specially designed cushions on the side where dogs can rest their head – it's almost like a comfortable pillow on 3 sides of the bed.
  2. Material: There are lots of options in the market and online – it can get extremely confusing to figure out what would work best as a pet parent who hasn't bought a bed for dogs before. You'll find that there is quite a variety of materials to choose from, including foam (doesn't last long), plastic (they're absolutely useless), and fabric. Fabric beds for dogs are more durable than the others, they may not look as comfortable but they are. Moreover, what really matters is what kind of filling inside and how much cushioning is there in the dog beds. We know it is extremely difficult to tell by looking at a picture online but what you are looking for is something extremely durable. Something that'll last years and doesn't look flimsy on the first impression itself.
  3. Style: There are many different styles of dog beds available, from simple to elaborate. Choose a style that you think your dog will like, and that will match your home décor. A plain and simple bed looks fine but lacks character. It's 2023, go with something that is well designed, colourful and lights the room up so that when those guests come visiting your pet can plop on it with that favourite dog toy and proudly tell them this is mine (get their bed personalised with their name written on the bed).
  4. Price: Dog beds can range in price from around Rs. 899 all the way to Rs. 10k. Set a budget before you start shopping and evaluate your options based on what you feel promises to run for years. Remember, it's better to buy 1 bed with changeable covers that'll last several years than to keep going through the hassle of selecting a new bed every year.

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Once you've considered all of these factors, you can start shopping for a dog bed online. Here are some important tips to help you find the perfect bed for your furry friend:

  • Read the product description: a lot of product information is well laid out in the description. You don't want to miss that. It'll help you buy the best dog beds.
  • Check the size chart: We know it's boring and you'd rather not, but it's important to think through where you'll be placing the dog bed and accordingly decide what size it should be. Compare that with the size chart of the product to pick the right size of dog beds.
  • Talk to a fellow pet parent: Ask them if they were to buy a dog bed again, which one would they get and why. They might give you some valuable inputs.
  • Ask your veterinarian for recommendations: They may be able to recommend a specific type of bed for your dog's breed, weight or age.
  • See if it allows for repair: A very important aspect of dog beds is that with time, they should allow for repair to happen. A foam bed for example or one made with flimsy material won't allow for it to be repaired in any way. On the other hand, those that allow for the cover to come off or look sturdy and well made are the kind of beds you want to invest in.

We're all about ensuring you get the perfect dog bed for your puppy.

Now, we know what you're thinking. If I put in all this time, effort and money, will my dog even use this bed? While we write this, we know that even our own dogs love sleeping on our sofas and hooman beds. They know no one will ask them to get up from it. A lot of times human behaviour causes confusion for the pet dog, sometimes we say come sit here, sometimes we say "no! not here". So it's important for dogs to have a spot they can call their own – one they can take their toys and treats to. When you get one, you'll see exactly what we're talking about. Dogs sleep so peacefully on our dog beds, you'll look at yours and feel like taking a day off yourself.

Here are some expert tips for choosing the right dog bed:

  • Consider your dog's sleeping habits. Some dogs like to stretch out, while others like to curl up. Choose a bed that will accommodate your dog's preferred sleeping position.
  • Think about your dog's age and health. If your dog is older or has joint problems, choose a bed that will provide extra support.
  • Make sure the bed is made from durable materials. A waterproof bottom. A washable cover. Handles for transportation. There's a lot that dog beds offer today and you want to think through all that when you're paying the full price for one.
  • Whatever you do, please always choose a bed that is easy to clean inside and out. This is very important when choosing good dog beds.

Now that you know almost everything there is about picking the right bed for your dog, here is our complete range of 39 dog beds to choose from.

Mutt of Course dog beds are completely washable. In fact, unlike other beds for dogs our covers come off with ease and allow for a different Mutt of Course dog bed cover (of the same size) to be put on as well.

Zip hidden inside

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Dog Bed Washable

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Dog beds with zip

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Dog bed with cushions


With these in mind, you can find the perfect dog bed for your furry friend. A good bed will provide your dog with a comfortable place to sleep and relax, and it will make your life easier too.

Bum sniffs & belly rubs,

Team Mutt of Course

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