About us

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Welcome To Mutt Of Course!

We make super fun, well thought and designed products for mutts. Mutt of Course is India's first fashion brand for pets where everything is imagined, conceptualized and made in India, for dogs in India 😇

Our products are made for good dogs (basically all of them). There are over 20 product categories and hundreds of designs to choose. Over 100 well established partner
stores stock Mutt of Course products. We even take
on customization and personalization requirements.

Leadership Team

Educare University

Meet our founder – Sakshi

The fairy dog mother who started Mutt of Course In 2018. She’s our head hooman who keeps coming up
with super fun product designs for pets.

Educare University

Our Marketing Hooman – Pranav

Mostly found strategising (read chilling) at his desk.
Also, more often than not orders-in food for everyone.
Basically all in all a great guy!

Educare University

Our Operations and Hiring Hooman – Sheenam

She’s all around the place orchestrating orders for on-time production and dispatch. A team player all day*
*except when she opens her lunch.

Educare University

Our Main Mutt – Coco

Does absolutely nothing at the office. Eats and sleeps (on almost anything like a mutt does).Believe it or not, he's the inspiration behind our brand and for that he charges royalty from us in treats n' belly rubs.

Our Mission

Educare University

We’re on a mission to bring as much fun
to their lives as they do to ours!

Wanna shake hands with us on our journey? 
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Mutt of Course,
Everything for the love of dogs.